BULATSEmployers, education institutions and training providers have found that the multilingual BULATS tests are a fast, flexible and affordable way to get accurate certification of workplace language skills.


BULATS is an  internationally recognised and detailed language test. It is designed to test the language skills of those who need to use a foreign language at work. The test is also suitable for learners and employees on professional/ business courses where foreign language ability is an important element of the course. BULATS measures candidates’ results on a scale of 1-100 which equates to CEFR levels A1 to C2.


The BULATS test is ideal for recruitment and to measure the effectiveness of language courses and training as well as being a powerful editing tool to help you make training decisions.


If you are interested in taking the BULATS test, please indicate which language and the four specific language skill(s) you would like to be tested in: Reading and Listening, Writing and Speaking.


All BULATS tests are available in English, French, Spanish and German apart from the online Speaking and Writing tests, which are currently only available in English.


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